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The massages

All massages use organic seed oil, and use a combination of several techniques. The session is powerful, gentle, yet deep. For best results, scrub your skin dry before taking a shower before the massage (a few days prior). Remember to come make up free. And to drink a lot of water from the day before.


Massages and wellness:

After many years of therapeutic treatments, Lbow has combined Fascia therapy, Soft and deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, cranio-sacral and shi-atsu, tested in Spas and numerous clients. This leaves the client deeply relaxed, but light, in complete touch with his body and its needs, and many have testified about Euphoria, deep sleep the following night, eradication of pain, courage and clarity in decision-making, and several other  benefits. Fascia therapy is therapeutic, the  combination with massage is pleasant and the Lux experience is a fest of the body and mind, gaining calm, quiet, and grounding.

What happens with the LBOW method?

The Lbow method combines Fascia therapy with traditional wellness massage, soft and deep tissue,  craniofacial, lymphatic drainage, in such way that you will feel pleasure, relaxed, lighter, in touch with your body.

You will feel grounded and whole.

The method was created to take the best of most techniques, and put them in a way that does not contradict much the messages sent to the brain. 

  • Facial and massage with essential oils and organic oil. No chemical products.( For the Experience we use some expensive masks and creams)

  • Dry brushing-body for lymphatic drainage. Better combined with 15 minutes of oil massage after the treatment.

  • Facial lymphatic drainage manually (not available currently)

  • 20 minutes massage in a chair with focus on neck and shoulders.

  • Cranio-massage with oils for hair growth and dry scalp. Addition of split end serums available.

  •  Facial High Frequency treatment (painless)  for collagen replenishment. Addition of serum or nourishing oil.

  • Baby massage "Shantala" for colic and better sleep. 

  • The Experience a 90 mins time slot with massage and treatments for complete abandonment and relaxation that lasts for days.

  • Vocal workshop involves fascia therapy, meditation, guided visualization, exercises and understanding of the energy and muscles involved to create sound, and how to empower our psyche from withing for a steady, strong and powerful voice. That is heard.

  • Massages of 35, 45, 60 and 75 minutes. Couple massages, and two massage therapists for one client ( coming soon). Time includes assessments, and time for dressing up and down, as well as 5-7 minutes after the massage for the body to process, and  heat compresses.

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