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Vocal positioning 


Vocal placement treatment is based on techniques and training that I picked up during my performing career, combined with the anatomical knowledge of our internal organs and the understanding of fascia functions. This  workshop includes fascia treatment (bindevaev terapi), vocal exercises, breathing exercises, and you will not only get tools that you can use for life, professionally and in your everyday life, but you will come out of it with a different outlook.


I have been teaching vocal placement for years in private,  using it for teaching good pronunciation and training speakers (this is not a musical training) passing on the knowledge I acquired with several marvelous teachers, but it was only after I completed my training with fascia, that I was able to fully understand and help people find their voice, and their inner strength.

It is not just about vocal power, projection, performance  and reading techniques, but also about finding the real you,  the real sound that represents you and let out all those unspoken emotions, free your diaphragm, pharynx mouth and jaws of years of restrictions, and gain confidence through consistent daily exercises, after the initial release and treatment.


The birth of the method started when I joined Airbnb Experiences to train people in public speaking for one hour, and my therapist training took over and created a workshop that involved exercises, deep comprehension of muscles that were previously unknown to them. The clients had come to get strength in their voice for their profession or personal life, and they would leave transformed and deeply happy,  so today I have incorporated it in my practice.



The treatment consists of theory and understanding or our body's function and how our voice is connected to the first voices we heard (Tomatis), the voices in media, and our desire to mask our vulnerability, sound stronger and confident but at the same time being conflicted with the strong desire to be seen and loved for who we are.

The workshop will continue with  basic fascia reboot of the body, specific treatment of the throat, face muscles.  Small relaxation technique and an awareness exercise,  followed by specific breathing exercises. You will leave knowledgeable, aware, free-er and with skills you can use in every aspect of your life.



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  1. November 2019

Nicole has a lot to share from her rich life experience. I appreciate the exercises she has taught me to improve my vocal performance. It's up to me now to train my "instrument" regularly on the way to improvement.



  1. October 2019

What a wonderful experience with Nicole for the voice lesson. She quickly determined what I was needing and created a personalized exercise plan. However, the value of the experience wasn’t just the technical - we explored some areas in my life where I’m wanting to bring more of my full voice, and Nicole had much personal, heartfelt wisdom to share. I’m very glad I did it.



  1. June 2019

This was a remarkable experience. I learned such a lot, and got a lot of help and things to work on. Thank you !



  1. March 2019

I am very grateful to Nicole for her instructions and interventions. Very helpful. Now I just have to practice everything I learned from her. Thank you Nicole!


Ani And Mark

  1. December 2018

Nicole was not just full of useful information on how to train my voice but was also great fun to be with. The atmosphere was very light and relaxed. I look forward to practicing the techniques that I have learned.



  1. July 2018

This coach/adviser/teacher is easygoing, good at explaining and very down to earth! Good exercises. If you see this review and You are looking for going deep within yourself and feelin yourself and get a more steady voice, this is what you should try.



  1. July 2018

I booked this event with Nicole while I play in a duo and I my voice breaks up when I sing backing vocals and though she only had one hour maybe she could help. After we dug out the root of the problem and when it all started she showed me a few breathing exercises and how to find my voice again. thank you for your insight and understanding. this event was more than what I had expected and has helped a lot. Now its up to me. Super event thank you Nicole



  1. April 2018

It was a powerful experience. Nicole was excepcional. She did not only help me with my voice but she also was super helpful helping me to prepare my talk. Highly recommended. Thank you Nicole!



  1. July 2018

Nicole is a larger than life character, and brings a multi disciplinary, holistic approach to her workshop. It was great fun and informative, just be ready to loosen up your inhibitions and you'll have a wonderful time too!



  1. July 2018

It was a super experience and a huge topic to dive into. Nicole kindly extended the session beyond the one hour - and I would recommend the next sessions to be more than one hour as there is so much to learn and the more practice the better - didn't really want to stop again :-)



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