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Make the change

Loss, Divorce, Separation, Moving out, sickness, wound, loss of employment, retirement, Pregnancy, Changes at work, Sexual difficulties, Mortgage and loan, Child leaving he home, success, family conflicts, habit changes, difficult boss or coworkers, change of schedule, universities.

It seems like I am describing life, is it not? Yet all these are stress factors, some higher than others. Because in the beginning, stress, is good, it gives you a boost, your pupils dilate, your spleen releases red cells to bring more oxygen, your liver transforms sugars and fats into glucose, you are ready to bounce, to act.

The problem is, our stress factors are not a wild cat in a jungle, and most of us due to bad digestion, bad posture, bad habits, we never get to "log off". Add to that some extreme trauma such as abuse, and we deplete our bodies of our resources and depression ensues, insomnia, irritability, unhappiness.

And yet there are a few things we can do, to log off, and start truly be happy. Our problems are not what brings us down, but how we stand in front of them. Do we go" let's do this, we got this" or do you feel like running away, give up or scream a silent scream?

Exercise help, mindfulness help, therapy helps, friends, help, but imagine if you had a program designed just for you, according to what is more urgent to deal with? Fascia therapy to trigger the parasympathetic system, some Emdr, some ftp, some voice work to massage the internal organs and bring up your endorphins.

Take advantage of the nuggets of knowledge and 30 years of experience we bring, and book a session. You will not regret it.

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