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Differences between physio, chiro, fascia and osteo ( very very simplified)

In the first image we can see the spine being bent in places. The left side at the waist is shorter. A physio will give exercises for the right side to even things out. An osteopath focuses on the bones. Osteo means bone. A chiropractor focuses on the spine, to put the bone in place.

Fascia focuses on ligaments and the slime that constricts, becomes hard, and the bigh pathways ( in dark blue) and creates shortages. A fascia therapist works mainly on the side the problem is, without forgetting the opposite, and thus makes the brain aware of the problem. The body then starts to release the blockages, no matter how deep they are under the muscles, near the bones, and thus, stoppulling on them. By readjusting, the whole body changes gravity center, posture, the muscles feel a sense orf release ansd relaxation. We work with the body, we boost it. We dont force it.

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