Workshops and wellness

Behandling og wellness

Whether it is a body massage of 45 minutes,

or 60 minutes

a facial and cranio massage,

an experience of the body and mind, 

or help with a specific problem, 

we are here for you.

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We also offer small group or one on one stretching, dancing, and tai chi sessions to get you back into action slowly.

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Counseling and therapy

Including fascia body work

After a fascia treatment, people feel joy and lightness, but sometimes you may experience feelings of melancholy, sadness, and this is what this counseling is for.

Facing a dilemma or a separation?

Try this session that involves calming or your mind, body work and a counselling session 1 on 1.

This is a support session for both body and soul.

Not one without the other.

We specialize in separation, empowerment.

We can also offer breastfeeding support and tips for new moms, as well as psychological support to help the transition in motherhood without guild and anxiety.

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Pain management

With fascia therapy

Fascia therapy has had success with anxiety, stress, insomnia, headaches, confidence, chronic pain, bad postures, autoimmune disease discomfort, pessimism, and many more.

When the body feels light and well,

our outlook changes. We feel joy.

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The Lux experience

Full holistic treatment

You will be offered several essential oils to choose from, and we will prepare your own oil.

We then proceed to a light, dry brushing to activate the lymph.

The oil is a mixture of seed oil that is easily absorbed,

grapefruit seed extract that sanitize the skin, essential oil.

The experience involves soothing music, Hypnotherapy if needed, a relaxing massage involving the whole body and your head, with a fascia and cranio sacral technique.

We finish with a facial uplifting massage and hot compresses. We offer you water or tea, fruits and a piece of chocolate depending on the season.

The experience lasts 100 minutes.

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