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A man having message treatment

Body and psyche

Release, Relax, Unwind

Your fascia 
Is the biggest organ in your body.


My aspiration is to educate people about fascia, take the pain away, give a sense of relief, a sense of joy.

In a polarized changing world, geared towards sustainability, where good things and horrible things happen at the same time, we must accept ourselves with our flaws and good points, our positive and negative emotions, without judgement. It is with an observing eye that we can truly evolve and feel confidence, freedom from fear.

I lived many lives and conducted many lectures and workshops where the mind was challenged, and the body was relaxed. I have done therapy and worked as a psychoterapeut.  I am the daughter of a Naturopath and lived no more than 3 years in one country. I experienced every movement, fad, dietary  "breakthrough" there was. I saw raw foodism be born in a castle in France, waking up our instict ( yes we have one that makes vegetables smell nice when you need a substance in them), I was subjected to vegetarian, fruitian, macrobiotic diets and as an adult, I opted for a homebirth, while researching everything I knew from home, for my career as a journalist.

I wrote 65 books, ( not all were about health), conducted voice workshops for inner transformation and confidence, lectures, taught art, languages and life, in schools and privately.

What have I learned?

If the body feels good, everything looks good and positive.

And the key to a inner joy and lightness is our fascia.

The brain goes into Theta brainwaves and "checks out", fascia starts resetting, and the world is again full of hope, and possibilities.

Everything will be alright


Fascia is the biggest organ in our body. And it reacts to any given emotion, scare, stress, accident, wound, by condensing, to a texture similar to scar tissue. Your shoulder problem could be located to your knee being blocked. Your lower back can be related to your ankles or your arms. Let's start fixing that.

- Nicole


I am in pain

I want to relax

Fascia therapy

This is NOT a massage. It is a powerful technique,  spaced by pauses, to give your mind the time to process and your parasympathetic system to take over (the system that controls digestion, breathing and more).

It is readjusting the tensions from within.

You might feel some sensations during the treatment, but they are not the goal.

The goal is to lower the pain, sleep better, 

have a better quality of life.

I have had a 90% success in eradicating pain permanently or temporarily (but at a lower degree of intensity) with this technique.

Try it, this might be your answer.

Price 750kr

With klipkort  for three sessions, 500 kr each

This is a mixture of fascia therapy, wellness and cranio-sacral. The ideal time is 45 minutes.

Please drink plenty of water from the day before

for optimal results.

You will also get a brief assessment and 

suggestions and/or exercises.

Browse our several offers for alone and me-time

and what we can offer.

45 minutes  550kr

60 minutes 699kr

The Experience (face/body/compresses) 1455kr

With klipkort for 4 sessions  - 30%

Body and psychotherapy
Vocal Workshop

Through a combination of meditation, body work

fascia work, and consultation,

we will dive deep and heal

physical and psychological traumas.

You will leave the session with a different outlook

and the tools to work on yourself for the rest of your life, and the ability to cope, soothe and 

understand yourself better.

Guided inner journey 300 kr

Full counseling and body work 90 mins  950 kr

550 every other session.

Either you want to learn how to project your voice

for a speech or for your teaching, 

or you need to find your "voice",

this workshop is for you.

We will start with body fascia work, 

guided meditation /w visualization, 

exercises for the diaphragm,

understanding of your body

and acquirement of tools

that will help you in many aspects of your life.

Singing (and dancing) activates hormones, massages your digestive system and creates a natural facelift.

1500kr for 120 mins



Vesterbrogade 169



Tel: 42700052

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