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The Experience-
A lux holistic treatment of the senses.


The best gift for Mother's Day.

The best gift to yourself.

The experience is combining knowledge in aromatherapy, herbalism, iridology, hypnotherapy, fascia, craniosacral and wellness.

This is the process:

  • We make a small assessment with some questions, observation of your body posture, the way you speak and feel. We look into your iris and if you are anxious or going through some rough period, we may opt to start with a meditation/hypnotherapy session of 15 minutes.

  • Choose your own essential oil, trusting your instinct. This will be the component of your own oil for the massage.

  • We start with fascia therapy and give you the option to get a massage or a fascia treatment after the first touch. If you choose a massage, we continue with:

  • A dry brushing of your body (optional)

  • You choose the style of music you want to hear. We have over 5000 songs of any style and decade.

  • Your massage is synchronized to the music.

  • You get a thorough clean of your face, massage, mask combined with a head massage, a moisturizer and/or nourishing oil.

  • Head massage with specialized oils for growth and fungus eradication, moisturizing (jojoba oil, ricin oil, avocado and grape seed) or a split end oil.

  • Hot compresses.

  • A chocolate and a small shot of your choice.

  • A card for 15% discount on your next massage.

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