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Terms and conditions.

Lbow  practices massages, consulting, support and gentle fascia therapy.  
Lbow cannot  be held responsible for complications in pregnancies and ailments, and you are  kindly required to write in the form any allergies, surgeries, accidents or problems the therapist should know.

There is a 30-hour window for a cancellation on your part. This is because we have many clients and we need to maximize time and save strength. Remember to cancel before the 30 hour window to avoid your  time  to be used as cancellation fee. Especially if you cancel on the day.
However, if you were the first or last customer and if we can find someone else to cover your time slot, we will waive the fee for the hour, since it can be used on someone else. 


We want to give you vitality and not steal it from you, so if we feel weak, too tired after seeing many clients, there might be a strong possibility we cancel/reschedule your appointment.. We understand this may be frustrating, but we ask for flexibility and for your understanding.

Klipkorts are individual and cannot be lent to others.
There is unfortunately no refund on items/ klipkorts that were on sales/ offers. 
Please remember that klipkorts have a redemption period of 3 months-unless agreed otherwise.

The system has in the recent past  send 1 newsletter, to people who did not subscribe. Please unsubscribe if that happens, with our apologies.

 HEALTH Matters:
We reserve the right to refuse treatment to any individual that makes us feel uncomfortable, or we may perceive as hazardous to our health and well-being, without further explanations. We also reserve the right to refuse treatment if you have not disclosed important information about your health that could put both of us at risk. If you have insect bites on your body, please come back when they are healed.

Please do not wear perfume, make up and come with clean hair if you expect a head massage.

Drink water, from the day before, please, it is essential.
Read all mails that come from us. You can reschedule from the bottom of the emails.


A deal voucher is a marketing deal, small owners create to show their work and talk to you about their offers.  Like the cheese samples in the supermarket.
The owners get clients in their shop, and you get a treatment for a fraction of the price.. For this reason we only accept new customers with a deal voucher from a third party.

IMPORTANT: If you have questions, Please do not call, just SMS, and we can call you back if you wish so.. Sms if you are pregnant.

Drink water. Did I say you need to drink water? Drink water :)

That's it.
See you soon

Take care of us, who take care of you <3

ONLY SMS pkease



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