The Lbow technique

First lets explain what happens with Fascia therapy

What should I expect?

The first visit is always the basic, the one that  balances your body and gives it a command to relax, stop being in the sympathetic nervous system ( alert) and go into parasympathetic (the autonomous nervous system that controls digestion, breathing etc) The first session also serves as a blue print guide for the practionner. I am feeling your problem areas and have an idea of what could be the problem.

Indeed a pain in the shoulder could be related to the foot and a pain in the abdomen, to the neck. Most of the times the session moves are  followed by sensations, be tingling, pulling, heat or cold or other minor feelings connected to your body or your heart. Even images, colors, feelings. Crying or irritation, or joy.

Or you might feel nothing. It all depends on the way you communicate with your body and the state of your fascia. The more liquified, the more communication will reach the stem and the brain.

You will feel the benefits the days to come, in matters of less intensity when having a headache, or if you were not hydrated enough, in form of a "hang over", which is your body taking out the toxins, the trash that was trapped in your fibrous connective tissue.

Sometimes it takes one session to make the pain go away, sometimes you may need more.

For chronic cases expect to come at least 3 times.

Sessions last from 60 to 90 minutes

But what will I feel?

It depends on the individual. Some feel no more than a deep relaxation, or extreme tiredness on the day and the next days sometimes. As if a very long stressful period ended and your body goes into exhaustion. But, the reactions vary according to the individual, and they should not be the main focus.

It has been observed though that some feel headaches after the session especially if they did not drink enough the day before. The lymph is activated and waste from the fascia  is entering the bloodstream in order to be evacuated, so some people, get a little hangover while the organism, carried by this self healing process, is working or overworking. It only lasts a day and it is harmless, but indicative of the level of waste in the organism.

Some feel heat during the pauses, tingling, slight pain, discomfort, eradication of pain. Some have a moment of emotional cleanse, sadness, or joy, and some just sleep right through it. Almost all have a deep, satisfying,restful sleep the next few days and have noticed a reduction in intensity of their migraines, backpains, and other ailments.

Their way of thinking clears up and their decision making process improves. Some stop smoking.

When the body starts to feel good, the mind gets clarity, we learn to listen to our bodies signals, and therefor the quality of life increases.

The technique is working for 7 days more or less, as ripples in a lake once a stone was thrown, and it is advisable to not have anything else done a week before and after, be it acupuncture, massage, etc. But you can work out and go to fitness.

Keep a journal of every little change you experience if you have the time.

And drink lots and lots of water! :)


Our bodies have "issues". Sometimes, the body can NOT handle  more than a few moves.These are cases where you feel much, and for more than 5 minutes. In this cases the body needs to be respected and given time to replenish, or it will be overworked and you will feel a hangover the next day due to the toxins entering your bloodstream. This is why water is so important.

Nicole is a certified Bowen therapist, reflexologist (zona), who worked her way through Europe as an artist and a teacher of languages and performing arts.  In 2001 after the birth of her daughter she turned to research and journalism, with specialty on emotions, relationships and the impact on health and well-being, as well as the  importance of sound, speech and how to unblock old trauma. She is certified  in hypnotherapy, kinesiology. Bowtech, reflexology, EFT and has a lengthy experience as a teacher, and a speech specialist,

But most of all, she has magic fingers.

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Fascia  is a thin, tough transluscend sheet surrounding all of our fibers, muscles, and organs in our body. It is the web and net that holds everything together, and that goes through your bones, muscles, surrounds your cells, your fibers. It is a fibrous material that contain, separate and allow free movement between all structures so it is inevitable when a muscle is activated, to not affect the fascia that surrounds it albeit a slightly different physiological effect. All structures that are activated during a Bowen treatment be it skin, joints or muscles, have sensory nerves taht give feedback to the spinal cord about the state of that particular structure ( hence some of the sensations of stretch, pain etc)

Fascia is our communicative system. It clumps down when in stress, compressing the blood capillaries and arteries, veins,  in order to avoid excessive bleeding. Bowen is allowing the release of the clumpness without damaging the fascia.  People who work out hard usually damage their fascia by tearing them up, which gives an impression of building up. In reality often enough the extra bulk derives from tearing and bunching up of the muscle fibres. This creates adhesions through the body and an inability to get rid of toxins. On the other extreme, people who do not work out and have a weight problem will have a lot of congestion.

Fascia must be free at all parts to receive and discharge all fluids and eject all impurities.

Fascia comes in layers, and the moves are specifically chosen for the richness in layers and critical points.

Fascia of the front is different from the fascia of the back and this was created at an embryological level.

Bowen creates impulses in the collagen fibres of fascia, which creates an infinimal electrical charge with strong healing properties, more than with a Rofling technique as used in a traditional massage.

The conductivity of collagen increases and is directly affected with hydration. The impulses created will travel further and farther with an amplification directly affected by the action of proteins in liquid crystals. ( as a screen)

In other words, fascia is extremely responsive to electrical charges and can carry electrical impulses faster than the nervous system. It responds as a whole, regardless  as to where a Bowen move was made.

A move on the leg, can carry like a Tsunami, a response to the shoulder, or the ear.

Passages from John Wilks book " Bowen Technique: The inside Story"

    Where  and what is the  FASCIA?

What happens with the LBOW method?

The Lbow method combines Fascia therapy with traditional wellness massage, soft and deep tissue,  craniofacial, lymphatic drainage, in such way that you will feel pleasure, relaxed, lighter, in touch with your body.

You will feel grounded and whole. The masseur is not stealing energy or vitality from you, leaving you heavy, as the breaks between clients are adequate and the intentions of the therapist, is to bring comfort. 

You will feel your body talking to you and the noise and anxiousness leaving your mind. You may feel extreme joy, or cry, depending at what your body was holding on to. Pain is eased,  You might sleep.

The method was created to take the best of most techniques, and put them in a way that does not contradict the messages sent to the brain. They work together and keep on working for a week, provided you drink water before and after the session.

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