Massages, and prices

Lili's  behandling og wellness (LBOW) specializes in a combination of deep tissue and soft massage, bowtech and faciatherapy,  as well as lumphatic drainage, facial and cranio massage.

From head to toes and head again, your whole body- but one place, will get a treatment that will leave you relaxed, with a better range of movement, breathing better, feeling energized and strong.

The ultimate athlete is  the feline. Cats. When you touch them, their muscles are supple, easy to move around, their skin loose and easy to pull. If you work out and your body feels hard, your fascia is stressed, and a stressed, pulling fascia, is pulling on muscles, putting pressure on organs, and restricting blood flow, lypph cleaning,  water flowing and energy circulating.

If you dont know what Fascia is:


  • Become a member by buying one full priced treatment and enjoy 40% off on massages for a year. Ask for the membership card.
  • Loyalty system: If you prepay and book a massage and you do this 6 times, you get one hour for free.
  • Refer a friend and get a 30min massage for free 
  • Buy a Fascia therapy session and get a 30 min massage for free

Massage 75 minutes

750 dkk

450 kr with membership

Massage 60 minutes

620 dkk

372 kr

Massage 45 minutes

500 dkk

300 kr

Massage 30 minutes

335 dkk

220 kr

Extra  head/ neck/ facial 10 minutes

 65 dkk

Extra 15 minutes massage

100 dkk

Bowtech treatement 120 mins

750 dkk

450 kr

Lymphatic drainage    20 mins

300 dkk

Lymphatic face 300

Chair massage  35 mins

350 dkk

OFFICE MASSAGES (for companies)

10 massages 30 mins (legs, back, neck, head)

3600 dkk

3000 with monthly subscription

20 massages 30 mins (L,b,n, h)

6500 dkk

5000 with monthly subscription

10 massages 60 mins (whole body)

6800 dkk

6000 with monthly subscription

10 Desk massages ( head, neck, shoulders)

3000 dkk

2750 with monthly subscription


  • Facial and massage with essential oils and organic oil. No chemical products.
  • Dry brushing-body for lymphatic drainage. Better combined with 15 minutes of oil massage after the treatment.
  • Facial lymphatic drainage by hand.
  • 20 minutes massage in a chair with focus on neck and shoulders.
  • Cranio-massage with oils for hair growth and dry scalp.
  •  Electrotherapy  for collagene replenishment.
  • Baby massage "Shantala" for colics and better sleep.

Re-alignement of the pelvis.

Foot massage.

Left image: Release of diaphragm.  

Bowtech therapy. Here we release the occipital fascia. For migraine sufferers.

Fascia release of the hamstring.